nail’d demo very popular on XBL and PSN

Deep Silver today announced the number of downloads for the PlayStation and Xbox demo version of their arcade off-road racing game nail’d, as yet. In the US and European territories, the 2 track playable demo version was downloaded 570,000 times from Xbox Live within four weeks, and almost 300,000 times from the PlayStation Network, since launch!

300,000 gamers in the United States tried the Xbox 360 version, and there was a further 270.000 in Europe, all in the first four weeks. More than 100.000 US players tested it on PS3 within two weeks, and over 185.000 people in Europe in the first three weeks.

The worldwide number of downloads so far:
630,000 from Xbox Live
300,000 PlayStation network

As the fastest arcade off-road racing game ever, nail’d is pure adrenaline! No other racing game has ever featured such changes in altitude. Defeat your opponents on 14 insanely vertical tracks and climb the online leader board ladder. A compelling soundtrack by bands such as Slipknot and Rise Against urges you on to do your very best.


Demo version now available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Faster, louder, nail’d – demo version now available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Deep Silver has now released a playable demo version of the game on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Windows PC.

If you are ready for mind-boggling speed, crazy jumps and loud rocking soundtrack, try out the nail’d demo version offering two of the original game tracks – now available for all three platforms!

Excellent Reviews & Awards

nail’d is out in North America – and the reviews have been steadily rolling in!

So far we have an overall average review score of 7.8/10 and several Editors’ Choice Awards/Best Racing Game of 2010 nominations. Check out what’s being said about arcade racing’s fastest-ever entry below!

“nail’d is everything Deep Silver promised and more. Appealing to both sexes and adrenaline junkies of all ages, Nail’d delivers one hell of a ride.  Straight up the best racing game I’ve ever played.” – 10/10, GirlGamer

“Techland set out to create a genuinely fun arcade racer and with the Nail'd, they have pulled it off masterfully.  Simply put, Nail'd is sinfully delightful in every way imaginable.  You will relish in every miscalculated jump and every ensuing explosion.  In an industry that takes itself way to seriously, Nail'd is a laugh-out-loud video game experience that needs to be embraced by every gamer and not just fans of the genre.  It is the ultimate pick-up and go experience. Move over, Motorcross. ATV racing just doesn't get much better than this.” – 9.5/10, GamesAbyss

“Nail’d is a game that any fan of ATV and dirt bike racing would enjoy.” – 9.5/10, E4G

“With its fast-paced racing style and great online multiplayer nail'd manages to be a new top dog in the ATV/MX racing world.” – 9.2/10, Boston Bastard Brigade

“nail’d is an arcade racer’s dream come true. I’ve been playing this game over the last month and I am in love. If you even remotely enjoy racing games, especially those with an over the top approach, then nail’d will leave you hot and sweaty and begging for more!” – 9/10, Platform Nation

“if you are in the market for an over the top racer and tracks that leave you breathless at times, I highly suggest this title.”  - 9/10, MashButtons

“I would easily consider this the best off-road arcade experience available on consoles. The bottom line is if you want a fun racing game with plenty of replayability than Nail’d is your game.” – 9/10, XXL Gaming

 “Nail'd has everything a gamer could want: simple controls, lots of action, lots of gallows humor and lots of fun.” 9/10, 411Mania Elite Award – 411Mania

“Best played with others (you’ve got to trash talk you know), Techland’s dirty racer is an unexpected favorite of the year. Go out and get Nail’d, you won’t regret it.” – A-, Blast Magazine

“easily the best off-road racer of the year, not to mention the most fun experience I’ve had in a racer in a long time. The exhilaration felt when making those long leaps into nothingness, followed by the measure of relief that flows through you as you lay eyes on the distant ground, is nothing short of awesome.” – 8.7/10, Editor’s Choice - GameFocus

NOMINEE:  GameFocus 2010 Awards: Best Racing Game

“Nail'd is another arcade-style racing game that has helped convert me into a bigger racing fan than I was. And if nothing else, the sheer speed alone has me wanting to come back to this game. So pick up a controller, strap on your helmet, and hold on to your butts because Nail'd will give you the ride of your life.” – 8.5/10, ZTGD Editors’ Choice Award, ZTGD

“the best racing game you will play this year. Do yourself a favor and pick up nail’d, its the least expensive drug available that also won’t cause physical harm.” – 8.5/10, Gaming All the Time

“Rarely do players get a chance to have such unrestrained fun at racing. nail’d is a frenetic arcade racing game that offers something new to a game genre stacked with way too many se quels.” – 4.25/5, Gaming Bits

“definitely recommended for just about anyone who wants a massive, fulfilling adrenaline rush.” – 8.4/10, PSXtreme

“a focused experience that sticks to a tight racing line and captures the essence of speed in a flash.” – 8/10, Game Informer

“A unique, blistering racer that will blow your hair back” – 8/10, GamesRadar

“Thanks to a wild assortment of tracks, a decent amount of unlockables and an amazing soundtrack, “nail’d” leaves the competition in the dust. If you’re all about non-stop action, online fun and pure speed, then this is the game for you.” – Review Fix

nail’d does exactly what it sets out to do and does so rather well, and anyone who remembers the glory days of the arcade racer with a fondness will find this a worthwhile acquisition, as it knows what you’re looking for and pretty much has you covered.” – Good Game!, DieHard GameFAN

“it is as if Disney’s Pure and Sony’s Motorstorm had a beautiful baby and they named it Nail’d. But make no mistake Nail’d will offer a run as to which game offers the most white-knuckle gaming experience this year.” – 4/5, The Married Gamers

 “creates an intense experience that will definitely keep your heart pumping and keep you on the edge of your seat.” – 8/10, Terminal Gamer

“The simple verdict regarding nail'd is that the game is a blast to play… a damn fine racer for anyone who wants to go fast and fly high. If that's you, go get nail'd.” - 4/5, GamerNode

“Without question, Deep Silver’s imagination and emphasis on fun over form, speed over style has paid off in spades and the result is an immersive, intense racer worthy of its $50 price tag.” – 8/10, Examiner

 “…a high-flying fever dream of a racing game. It's so ridiculous, you'll wonder where "up" is.” – 8/10, Atomic Gamer

“Techland has created a beautiful and intense game that pretty much anyone can pick up and play.  More than anything else though, the game is just plain, immersive, fun.   That fact alone makes nail’d a title which should find its way into your racing game collection” – Pnosker

 “If you are a fan of arcade-y off road racers then this is a game that you really need to try.” – 8/10, Totally Gaming Network

“The fair difficulty, precise handling, and ludicrously exaggerated jumps all make this an enjoyable racing game that can be enjoyed by many people, especially those who remember a time when racing games could take place on the moon and cars could go faster if you simply performed flips with them. In a time when racing games care far too much about realism, Nail’d reminds you what it’s like to just have fun.” – 8/10, Go!GamingGiant

 “nail’d is a solid title that will fill a hole you might not have known existed.” – 8/10

"Grab nail’d for some good old fashioned white knuckle racing that will make your butt pucker from time to time." – 8/10, DualShockers

 “Nail'd is worth checking out, and if your a big enough thrill-seeker, Nail'd may be extreme enough to make your GOTY list.” – 8/10, GamerFill

Further Songs on Facebook

“Chain Drive” is the latest song that fans of nail’d can enjoy for free! This time Pat Lachman of Damageplan Diesel Machine and Halford as well as Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory and Arkaea gathered at Temple Studios for another high-octane metal track.

Join us on Facebook and get the song for free!

New Song on Facebook

Listen and download “Fear Driver”, the fourth original song taken straight from the soundtrack of nail’d! This time John Boecklin of DevilDriver and Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory and Arkaea crank up the volume all the way up to eleven!

Join us on Facebook and get the song for free!

nail’d makes your adrenaline rush!

In what is now acknowledged as the world’s fastest off-road arcade racing game, nail’d takes riders to ballistic speeds across 14 epically big tracks, where they can see the stunning vistas of Yosemite National Park, the Andes Mountains, Arizona desert, and the Mediterranean as they whiz past mixed with mud, dust, branches, the occasional low-flying airplane…

This is white-knuckle racing at its finest!

Watch the new trailer now!

Third song available for free

Another (head) banging song taken from the nail’d soundtrack! Count for Something is performed by Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory and Arkaea. Vocals by Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Kingdom of Sorrow!

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Free Second Song on Facebook

Deep Silver and nail'd proudly present the second song for download: Attack Position, an instrumental song performed by Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory and Arkaea!

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Token for downloadable content pack in USA

New copies of nail'd for console will include a token to download the DLC pack in the American market. nail'd, the world’s fastest off-road arcade racer, utilizes insane track design and unparalleled levels of speed to create a racing experience that delivers pure arcade fun.

nail'd’s DLC will include 4 new tracks, new vehicle paint jobs, a completely new set of vehicle parts for both bikes and ATVs and multiple new female and male driver suits. The DLC pack will also include a brand new game mode – Detonator – in which racers pass around ticking bombs before they explode. In keeping with nail'd’s mantra of thrilling competition, all of this content is available in both the single and multiplayer modes of the game. Finally, the DLC will include an extension of the Single Player Tournament with the “Bomb Cup”, which will include five new campaign events.

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1st exlusive track for download

We from Deep Silver announced earlier this year bringing together an all-star metal supergroup to compose and record exclusive tracks for nail’d, and can now announce five of these tracks will be published online weekly on the official Facebook page of nail’d.

Not content with only being the world’s fastest off-road arcade racing game, nail’d is also taking a stab at being the loudest. The game already features licensed tracks from Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age, Backyard Babies, Rise Against, American Sixgun, Aggressive Chill, and Slaves on Dope, but these Metal Legend exclusive tracks crank up the decibel damage all the way to eleven! In the game, players blast around huge obstacle-laden tracks, head-butting mountains and giving thanks to the gods of high-octane fuels. Meanwhile, the exclusive music tracks capture the mood of the player, which would be best described as, “Wwwaaahhhooooowwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa….”

The first of five tracks to be released is Decimator, exclusively performed (among others) by Wayne Static of Static-X and Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory and Arkaea. To download it for free check out the Wall of the official Facebook page of nail’d at

Welcome to the official nail'd website

Read all about nail'd here. Visit this website regularly to receive all the latest information about nail'd.

nail'd is truly a hellish ride. No other racing game has ever featured such differences in altitude! Only those who master daring jumps into unknown depths at ultimate top speeds stand a chance to win the challenging action races in nail'd. Steep slopes, suddenly appearing obstacles and surprising turns in the track demand sharp reflexes, requiring players to give their all. Through its insane bursts of speed, nail'd will catapult you from one adrenalin rush to the next.